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Ridgid cordless - 1 year review

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  • Ridgid cordless - 1 year review

    1 year ago after my third DeWalt 18v drill died on me (after 2 weeks use!!!) I switched over to Ridgid and bought the 4 piece combo kit.

    The drill is in the shop right now. The variable speed stopped working. The chuck is crooked inside somewhere - won't hold a bit straight. The trigger sticks and nearly broke my wrist slamming against the wall. But it's stil lthe best drill so far.

    I'm using my old DeWalt while the Ridgid is in the shop and I must say - after using the Ridgid the DeWalt feels like the Fisher Price 'My First Drill Kit'.

    I miss the Ridgid.

    I beat the hell out of my drill every day. The Ridgid is doing OK. It would be nice to get a loaner or a replacement - there is a 3 year warranty and for a 'professional' grade tool I believe an exchange should be mandatory - after all most of us that buy such things need them every day to make money. Down time is no good.

    The saws are great. Never let me down.

    The charger is the best - 30 min AND 2 at once.

    The light - it gives off light. 'Nuff said. I kinda miss the flexibility of the 'snake' DeWalt light but whatever. Not worth carrying around another charger/battery for.

    Where's the cordless vacuum?

    The whole kit? I'd buy it again. Either that or Bosch, or if I win the lottery, Hilti.

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    Ahh someone else mentions Hilti


    They make a great tool

    The SF-121A is an AWESOME drill

    I am buying a 3 amp battery tomorrow for mine (the charger and drill both accept the two or three amp)

    The three amp costs more than the 12V cordless ridgid. ANd the lifetime batteries are appealing...

    But the ridgid 12V is more awkward than the Hilti. A good friend has an 18V ridgid, I was helping him build something and he changed his battery three times before my hilti lost power (actually he changed his twice, when he changed his the third time mine was ready) and those were the 2 amp batteries.

    So on his THIRD battery change mine started to lose power.

    They are expensive, just over 200 for a 12V, but well worth it!!!