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    I bought the MS1290LZ . I need it now for some Crown Moulding work atop kitchen cabinets. I have used a Craftsman Radial Arm in the past for this task .I had to return a DeWalt Sliding Miter prior to this job because of defects in machine prior to using the stops for this purpose . I purchased the MS1290LZ but cannot find Crown Stops as the DeWalt has available. Has anyone tried cutting Crown Moulding with Stops on a DeWalt or Craftsman as opposed to flat like I did on my old radial arm saw and on the Ridgid brand ? Is there an advantage to cutting flat as opposed to using a sliding miter with crown stops?

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    If you check the operators manual there is a section that deals with cutting crown molding. I believe it is titled, "Two Methods of Cutting Crown Molding". There is also a section about making a crown molding support jig to support crown molding when cutting it angled to the fence and table. That is why there are slots in the fence to mount the jig to. Briefly the advantage of cutting crown flat on the table is that no special jig is required and wider pieces can be cut. The advantage of cutting it angled is that there is no bevel setting. If your corners are out of square or you need to do so "tweeking" it is easier to simply adjust the miter setting and not the miter and bevel setting. Try making the jig, it's easy and in my opinion works very well. Good luck!