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  • TS3650 Table saw

    Anyone have a problem with the iron wings on this table not being flat with the main table surface when tightened? I have lined these up twice, and when I tighten the bolts, the wings rise up on the outer edges creating a bow in the table. I can loosen the bolts slightly to make the entire table surface flat again, but then the wings have play in them.

    I could use shims, have to cut them in half to get them down in the space between the table and the wings, but then I would have a gap on the table surface.

    Is this common? I would assume the factory would mill the components better than this. The joining surfaces are clean and free of debris.

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    The size of the bow in the saw top would determine how I would approach this. If the bow is something that can't be fixed with a couple of pieces of paper then I would either grind down the mating edge until the wing and saw top were level or take the saw back and exchange it. Another option would be to call Rdigid Customer Service, explain the problem and see if you can't get them to send you a new wing(s).

    Before calling Ridgid or grinding the wings, you might want to invert the wings and shim from the bottom.
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      It's not uncommon for any cast iron wings to require a bit of shimming. If they're out by alot and require unreasonable attention, then I'd call Ridgid, but a couple of thin shims would be considered within the range of normal.


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        Thanks for the reponse guys, that's exactly what I did. I ended up using thin folded strips of paper to act as shims, and that did the trick.