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  • 13" Planer Feeder

    I purchased a planer but have encountered feeder issues, ie, it will not pull the boards through consistently. I returned the first unit only to find the same issue with the replacement. I dawned on me that maybe the temperature of my garage (I do not have the luxary of a heated shop) might be affecting the rollers, hardening them resulting in greatly reduced traction on the wood. Any one care to comment?? Also, what is the best way to clean those rollers??

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    Clean the rollers with DNA or mineral spirits. Also give the bed a coat of wax.....
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      Originally posted by K.M. Delano:
      Clean the rollers with DNA or mineral spirits. Also give the bed a coat of wax.....
      Thank you for your input. I have done that to no avail, any thoughts on the temperature.


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        I’ve used mine in single digit temperatures and did not encounter any problems other than a slight numbness in my fingers.



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          Calisto, in the days of large 1/2" tape drives used with computers, we found that using alcohol on the rubber capstans, while producing short term results, in the long run hardened the rubber resulting in their replacements.I'd suggest 2 things.

          1) plane one side of your material on a jointer/planer. Then place that side down and run it throught your surface planer. See if you get the desired results. It's possible that you don't have a straight side against the rollers to begin with. Be sure to lock your heads before planing using the thickness planer.

          2) Clean the drive rollers using a mild detergent if they appear to require cleaning.

          I purchased the TP1300 last summer and planed a pretty substantial amount of oak with it without any problems.


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            I have also used the TP1300 in really cold weather and have seen the same feed issues. I think for me it is a combination of really cold rollers, friction from rough sawn wood, and slightly dull knives. I am going to flip my knives and see if that really helps me. I am planing white oak so it is extremely dense and heavy which is part of the problem too. I am sure anxious for the weather to get better so I can see if temperature affects it.


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              Had same problem with my delta, most prevalent when it is cold (keep my garage just above freezing). I used alcohol and a lint-free pad to clean the rollers. Then I used a rubber renue chemical
              I also use Bostic Top Coat on the platten to make the wood slide easier