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    Totally agree with Mac's comments. From my limited experience, having a pressure regulator valve is necessary to adjust the depth the nail penitrates, so it helps with both length of nail used and hard vs. soft wood.

    However, a note on 2" vs. 2 1/2" max---I've found these two have some limits on uses. If you look at regular finish nails---their thickness/gauge increases along with their length---not so with a nailer---the thickness of a 2 1/2" is the same as a 1"-----thus, IMO, I wouldn't count too much on these longer nails where they had to do any heavy duty---I've used them for baseboards and the like, but use "real" nails for putting in door frames.


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      There's no doubt that an air nailer is faster than a hammer and nail, but it also affords much more accuracy. It can be like having an extra hand. Many times I find myslef holding a joint together or keeping a piece in place with one hand, then just sneak the nailer in there with the other hand, and pow!! a nail is in without the wood slipping. Works really nice for glued up mitre joints and the like. Just make sure your fingers are holding too close to where the nail goes!

      Also, the PC brad nailers have a depth adjustment for how far below the surface it drives the nail. But if you don't have enough pressure, it may not go below the surface. I run my BN200 (18g 2") at 90# all the time.


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        being a novice myself and looking around at the nail guns I have some questions if you guys don't mind..

        what is the difference between the 16gauge, 15 or 18 gauge?
        what exactly is a brad nailer for?

        This may seem foolish to some but I have never known the difference and I will be tackling door, crown moldings, installing new doors all over the house as well...
        I am sure these will help me, but knowing the uses for them will help me decide what I need and don't need.

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          I just wanted to bring this thread back from the dead to thank you guys for bringing the Porter-Cable three-gun combo to our attention. I received this set for Christmas from my wife, and I'm now anxious to nail stuff together! [img]smile.gif[/img]



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            Congrats on the new toys, uh I mean tools Steve. I'm sure you will like them
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              I received the Porter Cable Pancake compressor and 3 gun set as well for Christmas. I am remodelling my house and this would have been nice in the bathroom with the crown moulding!! Now.. I have stripped out the first of the bedrooms and am just starting to put in all the trim, baseboard, casings,crown. The guns worked well right out of the case, plus the compressor works great for airing up all kind of tires etc. and now I have a quick way to blow off all my shop tools etc. after a day of making saw dust. A great investment for the 300.00

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