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Modify speed system on DP1550? Part 2

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  • Modify speed system on DP1550? Part 2

    Just stopped by a Home Depot today.

    Found out something not listed in the on-line DP-1550 owners manual.

    The model I looked at was a DP15501, serial AM03200xxxx. The AC motor had these specs imprinted on the label. Model 828929. 1430 rpm & 1700 rpm. 110v or 220v!

    All this time, I've looked for a way to slow the press down slightly. There it was all the while!
    Didn't anyone know this?!!!
    There are some crude wiring position pictures on the label.

    Why doesn't the manual cover the motor wiring?!!
    Can anyone describe how to change the motor AC inputs for conversion to 1430 rpm?

    [ 01-05-2004, 09:31 PM: Message edited by: fnbrowning ]

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    Wish my BS1402 motor had dual speeds!