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TS2400 motor repair?

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  • TS2400 motor repair?

    In a nutshell: 9 months old. Arcing horribly from brushes, almost all the way around the armature. Plenty of length on brushes—I ground them flat and reinstalled. Cleaned armature: sanded, cleaned out grooves, deburred edges, etc. No wobble, bottom bearing seems tight and smooth running. Ridgid service center (Portland, OR) says can't get to it for at least two weeks, and maybe ten or more days to get any part(s)—they don't even have any new brushes in stock. (I can't wait a month or more!) Any ideas? Please? Also, how to remove motor assembly, if I end up having to do that? (I figured out how to get the motor cover off——damn that ground wire!)
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