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buy Rigid drill WITHOUT the battery?

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  • buy Rigid drill WITHOUT the battery?

    I am trying to buy a Rigid drill for my Dad for christmas. He already has the Saw with two batteries and I just want to buy the drill WITHOUT the battery. It makes no sense that they sell these as interchangeable but dont sell them alone! I cant seem to find it anywhere.

    Anyone had this problem? if you know where I can buy one please email me through this board.


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    ebay's the only place, as far as I know.


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      tools without batteries

      Ridgid is starting to market tools without batteries. 4 new tools hit the Home Depot shelves this past week. They also will accept different types of batteries. I'm not sure what other tools are comming out, but you may want to contact the store service rep for more details. I'm sure that they will have more by Christmas


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        Hmmmm, your 1st post and you respond to a thread that is over a year old and talk about some new product. I see you're in retail management. Which Home Depot in WI do you hang your hat in.

        Just funnin a little with ya, Welcome to the group.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          Heres the link


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            I saw the Ridgid 18V drill with 2 batteries and charger reduced to $131 and change at HD today.....they had plenty. It might actually be cheaper to get the drill with batteries.

            Also, be on the lookout for the drill/jig saw combo, etc. as it will probably be a better deal.


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              Can you use 24v battery with that drill?


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                unfortunately no. it's not the new dual-voltage drill, which is why it is deeply discounted.


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                  Ebay is the place for individual parts.

                  Originally posted by canadave View Post
                  ebay's the only place, as far as I know.
                  Ebay is the place for individual parts. Seems there is a thriving business on Ebay of selling components from sets. People buy a combo set and then sell the tool bodies, chargers and batteries separately.

                  It appears to be a win/win situation. They make money and you can get the missing part decidingly cheaper than you can from a retail store. For example the new, individual MaxSelect tools are running $110-$120 a piece. A drill, with batteries will cost more like $300. But you can buy a Ridgid drill body off Ebay for $60. Tools that aren't sold individually are a bit more expensive...but generally still cheaper than ordering replacements from the original equipment manufacturer.