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drill 18v not charging

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  • drill 18v not charging

    cannot charge my batterys brought power coverter purshed in november 03 in florida whilst on holiday sent email to ridgid but no reply can yopu help me charger starts for one minute then red lights flash looked in book says evaluate at a loss

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    I would put money on the power converter being the problem, I use my set on the road and bought one of those cheap 12V to 120 V car converters, It worked for my laptop and Tele but battery chargers did not work on MAkita, Dewalt and Ridgid. I ended up spending $400 on a good modified sinewave inverter and problem solved. The problem is that cheap power converters have a square wave output and that buggers up the electronics in the charger. As a bonus I ran my fridge and freezer during during the big 2 day blackout last summer