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Table Saw Switches

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  • Table Saw Switches

    I have a portable table saw in use on one of my projects where the CM's safety inspector wants us to replace the on/off switch to the saw. He is looking for a switch that, in the case of loss of power when using the saw, when power is restored the saw doesn't just automatically start back up. Thoughts of splicing in a gfci on the power cord came to mind but I would assume that creates its own set of problems. Is there any such replacement switch? Any suggestions?

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    Sounds like he means a magnetic switch, but I've never heard of putting one on a portable saw.

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      See this thread for more info about magnetic switches. You need a GFCI but it will not to protect the user from an inadvertant start following a loss of power. Classic situation on a jobsite would be someone working in another area that your extension cord passes through unplugs the cord not knowing it is in use (or for what) or their foot catches in it and disconnects the cord, you know all the various ways it can happen. When they realize what happened and plug it back in is just about the time you've got your fingers in the way;f=6;t=000322