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  • TP1300

    I'm thinking of buying a planer and was wondering if anyone out there can tell me the difference between the NEW TP1300 and the older GREY model?

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    Well Dana..... I have the older *grey* unit that I picked up 2 years ago..... really like it and have had no trouble with it. The newer *orange* unit differs in that it has (I believe) an off-shore motor. The earlier ones had Emmerson motors. The features are pretty well the same. The older style had the stand and dust collection attachment thrown in a bonuses. I recently have seen a newer style stand offered as a is narrower and doesnt take up the square footage on the shop floor as did the one that came with the older style. I believe the stand is more economical for Ridgid (judging by the fact there is less metal and I believe there are no MDF base pads to which the TP1300 is mounted on top of the stand. Check the website for any forum members comments on how the orange version has been behaving. If you can find an older style unit at HD, see if you can talk the tool crib manager into letting you have it at a discount as they (HD) were clearing out the old stock in Sept / Oct at up to 35 - 40 % off. Good luck and grab an old version of the TP1300 if you come accross one!

    Chris Berg


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      dana, where are in michigan? i just saw one of the older units on clearance at the madison heights store for 229.00. not sure if its still there or not.
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        I'm in Rochester, where exactly is the Madison Heights store? Maybe it's not too late. Was it a floor model? Thanks!.......Sure it was $229? The Rochester store had them at $329, down from $379 but were sold out.

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          OK, I ran out and found a TP1300 (last years) new in the box for $329. But I still wonder if I shouldn't go for the Delta 22-580? Though it would mean fooling around with a rebate, it can be had for about $18-20 less (without stand). Any thoughts or opinions?..........after more research about $9.00 less with stand, $60.00 less without stand. But again, have to fool around with rebate. While the TP1300 is in hand (in my truck actually). So I find myself undecided, any thoughts or opinions will be appreciated?

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            I’ve had the Ridgid for about 1.5 years and it has performed admirably and I have no complaints, but when comparing the two for the same money the Delta appears to be technically advanced. If I were making that choice today, I would look long and hard at the Delta. Good luck with your decision!



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              If it helps any, the current (Feb 2004) edition of Popular Woodworking features a tool review of the 13" planers including the TP1300LS and Delta 22-580 among others.

              While they rated the DeWalt 735 as Editor's Choice, they rated the Delta 22-580 as the Best Value. The comments on the RIDGID were that it was a good, solid planer but the version was a little dated. If you are considering the two I would definitely invest the $5 into getting the edition since it does a pretty good comparison of 7 popular makes of planer.

              Keep in mind that the RIDGID includes a diverter that the Delta does not and factor that into your pricing.


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                Popular Woodworking rated the Ridgid as the Editors *Second* Choice behind the Dewalt unit. Delta was listed as best value. The Ridgid is good but dont know it they tested the older or newer color versions of the planner. Take Spowells advice and buy the magazine!!!

                Chris Berg


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                  I always try to determine why I should buy one machine over another. The Popular WWing review did a good job a revealing how the Delta and DeWalt have some advantages over the Ridgid. They did give the Ridgid favorable comments, but clearly tagged the other two with the where did they mention that it was "second" to the DW. If anything, I believe the Delta filled that spot because the list prices of the Delta and Ridgid were within pennies of each other.

                  With the Delta often available for less than the Ridgid (&lt;$300) , IMO the meter starts to point towards the Delta. Some of the package deals on the Delta include the dust hood and free set of knives too, so it's not as stripped down as some might have you believe. If you can still get the lifetime warranty on the Ridgid, and if that means more to you than the 2-speed features of the Delta, the Ridgid may still be the best choice for you.

                  If you're looking for absolute performance advantages and not just value, the DeWalt seems to be the one.

                  All three are solid performers and should do the job nicely.