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Ridgid hammer drill & combo pack

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  • Ridgid hammer drill & combo pack

    I am interested in getting a second cordless drill. This drill would be mainly used for woodworking and as a multipurpose drill. I am now interested to find out wich of all to pick, the 14V, the 18V or the hammer drill. Is it thrue that the hammer drill only comes with one of the two combo kits and cannot be bought separately? And if so why as I am not interested by the flashlight nor the cordless saw?

    Please reply.

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    I have the 18v hammer drill on the shelf separately at my store. Should be at most Home Depots by now, if not all.


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      Well I made the jump saturday for the 14.4V X2 drill which came in a really nice case. First impression I am gone a love it but still had the kit in mind as it haad the hammer drill and a cordless saw.

      Well I got quite a bit disapointed when I spin the drill in speed 2 when it stopped. I had a loud clutch noise everytime it stopped. No noise was heard when the drill was under load. Next disapointment, could not always shift the drill in the second gear unless i play with the drill chuck or give it few spin. OLast but not least, the drill was wobbling a bit but not that much. Did they drop it at the factory ???

      Still like the Ridgid because of past experience and what i have in my hand feels like a tool for Pro. P.S. the orange color does not boughter me at all, in fact i like it a lot because it make it easy to find. The orange color is some close to some Snap-On hand tools which make them quit easy to not forget on a custommers car, which most of them seems to never find anyway when you are seeking to get your tool back .

      So finally I went back to Home Depot and upgraded it to a 18V. kit which I like a lot so far and with no disapointment. Let see what will happen in the the next 89 days.