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Keyless chuck problem

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  • Keyless chuck problem

    I just bought the 4-pc combo kit. The build quality seems great, but there's definitely an issue with the chuck on the drill. It has a very slight, but clearly visible wobble when running. It is even more noticeable with a drill bit or a screw bit holder inserted.

    I called tech suppport to ask about this, and the tech said they'd gotten calls like this before, and that the slight wobble is normal. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't have any wobble whatsoever on my Milwuakee or DeWalt drills. Is a slight wobble normal as the tech says (I find this really hard to believe)?

    I bought another combo kit at HD to see if it was any better, but the drill was exactly the same--slight wobble. I'd love to keep this kit because of all the extras (free jigsaw and battery) and because of the solid feel, but I just can't get past that wobbly chuck.

    With the 20% promo running at Lowe's I can get an 18volt Bosch combo kit with bonus jigsaw for about the same price. Anyone else out there have this problem? Any suggestions or comments as to what I should do?

    Thanks for any responses!

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    I'd call Ridgid Service again and talk to a different tech. I can't imagine anyone telling you that a "slight wobble" was okay, especially if it is pronounced in the the drill bit. If it looked like just the overmode was out of round and yet the drill bit remained centered and true, that would be one thing, but from my point of view, if the drill bit itself wobbles, then the drill is defective and I'd definitly take the thing back. You've got a 90-day, customer satisfaction return window, so I'd swap for another Ridgid of the same model and if that too wobbled, I guess I'd go with the Bosch!

    My opionion anyway,



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      Thanks CWSmith. That's more or less what I thought I should do. Overall, what's your experience (if any) with Ridgid cordless tools?

      For the money I paid for the Ridgid kit, I should keep in no matter what (about $320 after HD 20% disc and 10% new credit line disc, + free jigsaw and battery). But that wobbling chuck is killing me! I'm just waiting till the end-of-year sales to see if Lowes does the 20% discount thing again. That means grabbing that Bosch kit for $390--at least $70 buys me peace of mind!


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        AS the lowes sale is on until 12/31. All power tools and accesories. I didn't need any tools but picked up some Freud blades for all of my saws
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          I just noticed under the "General Power Tool Discussion" forum, "What's the deal with..." (;f=18;t=000632 ) that there is a lot of problems with drill chucks of late. So, it appears that you are not alone.

          With regard to your question about my experience with Ridgid rechargeable tools, I really can't offer any advice as I personally don't like battery operated tools. The boards are just chocked full of complaints and it seems rare to find anyone completely satisfied. However, I do know this, NiCad rechargeable batteries work best when they are used often, used completely until they are drained, and then recharged slowly. Even then, it is relatively rare to have a NiCad battery last much beyond two or three years. If you use the tool rarely, don't completely drain the battery, and use a quick charger, the battery life will be significantly shorter and in many cases, won't last even a year.

          So, my opinion is, one pays a premium to buy a rechargeable tool and then you pay again and again to keep it in batteries. If you are a hobbyist or homeowner like me, you might go a month or more before you need the particular tool and you'll then have to recharge it to use it... and I don't want to wait an hour or more before I can use it! So, a corded tool is ideal for me and I like the Ridgid and the Ryobi (or the Ryobi-made Craftsman) tools that I have; all of which are "corded". They are always ready to use when I want them. Corded tools are most always cheaper to buy then their "cordless" counterparts. They are most always more powerful and that power is evident through every minute of use and does not get weaker by the second, the way a battery operated tool does. And best part is, once I lay down my money, I don't have to drop another $60 or more every one or two years to keep it functionable and I never have to worry whether the power source is going to be obsolete (try buying a battery to fit that five year old drill).

          In any case, that's just how I work and I know there are a lot of people who really enjoy having a cordless tool.

          Hope this helps,

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            Thanks for taking the time to reply CWS. I saw the forum you referred to--I posted on it.

            I know you can't beat the power and reliability of corded tools, but I really like the grab and go, untethered convenience of cordless tools. So far, my 4 yr old 14 volt Milwaukee drill has been flawless (and NO wobble in the chuck!), and the batteries still hold a good charge.

            Thanks again.


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              Man! I hate that you are having problems, AS. Has anyone obtained a wobbling chuck on the newer/revamped Ridgid drills with the forward handle clamping behind the torque selector? I haven't seen this on either the original drills or the revamped drills in the displays at my local HD.

              I have the 3-piece combo with the revamped X2 hammer drill and just received the revamped 14.4v 3/8 drill (not X2) for Christmas for lighter work. My chucks are steady and true on both units-- like a quality drill press. And I love the power. I'll be keeping mine for a long time, I'm sure.

              I hope you get things worked out for you. Good luck.


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                I have the 18v 3/8 drill that I have been using the he77 out of for about 8 months now and never a single problem
                info for all: --- "I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me."


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                  Either you guys got lucky, or I'm unlucky. I bought 2 seperate Ridgig 4-pc kit. Both had problems with the chuck. I happened to be back at HD the other day and noticed a Ridgid 18v drill sitting on a workbench (demo?) and pulled the trigger--same thing.

                  Believe me--this is a real problem. Bits are placed perfectly in the chuck. It's a good thing for those who got good drills because I think the kit is a great value. But I suggest you put a longer drill bit in your drill and watch the tip while it is spinning. There is no way I could expect to hit a pilot hole mark perfectly--there's just too much variation in the position of the the tip.

                  I may try a few more returns at a few different HD's but I'm getting really frustrated. What's worse is the fact that Ridgid tech support told me over the phone that others have called about this issue and that they (Ridgid) consider it normal!!

                  Thanks to all for adding your comments on this. I hope this issue stays alive until someone at Ridgid at least acknowledges it on the forum.


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                    I have 2 of the r84015 18 volt x-2 drills and the only complaints I have is that they are fairly heavy compared to my Milwaukees. I love the ratcheting chucks as long as I get the bits in straight. When I first got my first one I noticed the wobble but relized the bit was twisted very slightly. I just have to make sure that I have the bits in square and then I have zero problems. I use my drills every day and plan to keep them forever as the lifetime warranty even with free battery replacement is hard to beat.