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Full Head or Split head nails

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  • Full Head or Split head nails

    Can someone please explain to me the difference between the two types of Nails mentioned in the topic I have posted. I would like to buy a framing nailer but I am not too sure about the nail types
    Thank you

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    What your calling split head I think is normally called clip head.
    In full head nails they have a typical head and usually round or a little oval.
    I clip head they cut a half circle out of one side of the head.

    The clip head allows the nails to be very close together on the belt and connector wire very short. On full head the distance between each nail is more so the belt is longer and the connector is much longer.

    Therefore you could get more clip head nails in the same diameter bundle as full heads.

    There has been an argument over whether clip heads have as much holding power as full heads.

    I don't have an opinion but here in Florida you can't use clip heads with the new wind codes.
    I think clip heads will probably die out everywhere eventually.

    Right now the real deals are on clip head guns. But down the road finding nails and or parts could be a problem.

    Also check with you code people to see if clip heads are legal in you area.
    Rev Ed