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  • back to the air compressor....

    On the pancake compressor's. is it possible to buy a larger motor to make the compressor more versitle? The reason I ask this is that I bought mine second hand for 90.00. The compressor, finish nailer and hose. The nailer itself was worth 90 bucks. The items are like new.

    Now I own a small porter cable. I can not find the manual on it but it a jetstream CFBN125-2 or CF1400-3. They are both model numbers on the tank. Anyway is not all that large horsepower wise. And the book says it's duty cycle is 30 min every half hour. This obviously is no problem if just using a finish nailer or brad nailer, but i do want to upgrade and get an air drill and die grinder.

    Now, the craftsman makes a 3hp 150 psi 15 gallon catalog number 0916644. They have a little legend on PG 129 of the 2005-2006 craftsman catalog which has a list of what each compressor can handle. The above mentioned craftsman for being so small seems to be able to run many many tools that would put my PC over it's duty cycle.

    Should I just pick up a larger compressor if I want to do more or can i upgrade the motor and such cheaper.

    The reason i am exploring both options is that the compressor is in GREAT shape and I got a BARGAIN on it. Is all it would take is a new motor and such?

    Any info GREATLY appreciated

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    I'm sure you can replace the pump and motor with a larger one but then the tank will be too small. I would keep the wee PC for side jobs and get a larger oil filled one for home use. I suggest an oil compressor due to the noise level of the oilfree models. I have a huge twin cylinder 3400 rpm airless that would likely win an SPL contest against Ted Nugent.


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      To buy a motor and compressor would cost more than replacing the whole thing. The pancakes are not designed for continuous duty like drilling or impact guns. occasional use they are fine, butmore suited to running nail guns, filling tires, and blowing dust off your bench. A larger tank would do a lot more good for you than a larger motor. You need a second complete comp. Like the 5hp 20 gallon size.
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