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  • ts3650

    help me out here i just gor rid of my 15 year old craftsman table and bought a ts only problem with item is the dam herc lift tried every which way to no avail where am i going wrong

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    Duster5 you have to be more specific. What kind of problem. Do you have instructions?


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      I can almost guarantee that you tightened the bolts up or tightened them too much. The bolts must be loose so the stand can operate freely. Don't worry, it will not fall apart.


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        thanks mike, i was just looking at the herc lift waiting for the hurricane and i did loosen the nuts a bit and all is fine works great. have a good one


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          Excuse me? What bolts should be "loose". My instructions said to "tighten all bolts" after assembly and installation.

          I am having fits getting the HercuLift to work. I cannot seem to get the feet adjusted so that the TS3650 saw will roll smoothly when "up", yet be firmly planted when "down". It doesn't seem that the lift can provide enough clearance for my (typically) sloping garage floor (5/16" in 48"). I have already given up being able to simultaneously level the saw AND use the lift mechanism. But I really do need to be able to move this saw out of the way easily.
          Thanks, Clark


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            I found this part of the manual confusing also. Tighten all bolts except for the four bolts attaching the lift to the legs. Per the manual the nuts should only be flush with the ends. All the others should be tight. After some confusion mine lifts high enough to move.


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              See the bold text in number 4 on page 29 of the manual. I had to do some learning myself on how much to adjust the feet so that the Herc-U-Lift would work properly. A lot of trial and error (mostly error).