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vibration in chop saw

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  • vibration in chop saw

    I seem to get a lot of vibration from my rigid 10" chopsaw which I have to screw down to a work table. How can I reduce the amount of vibration? I have tightened the blade already any other suggestions?

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    First off I'm assuming you are talking about a MS1065LZ, you didn't say which model saw you had. Some people call miter saw chop saws and some refer to abrasive cut-off saws as chop saws, but those are not usually in the 10" size, so I firgure you are talking about a Ridgid MS1065LZ.

    I am not sure what is wrong with your saw, without witnessing the problem it will be difficult to determine but ANY saw that you have to bolt down on the table to stop vibration from dancing it off the bench has got some serious problems. Don't use it until you discover and correct whatever is wrong. I believe the saw should be clamped or fastened down to the workbench or table top but that is so it does not tip over and cause injury, not to keep it from two-steppin across the room

    Possibilities (my guesses)

    1. warped blade
    2. bad arbor or motor bearing
    3. debris trapped between blade and arbor flange such as sawdust or small chip of wood.

    Dismount the blade, remove any loose parts, and run the saw to see if the vibration is still present.

    Call Ridgid Tech support and let them solve it
    Take it back abd get another saw, citing its problems and let them know it should be returned to Ridgid and marked as a possible manufacturing defact and UNSAFE.

    I just paged through the manual quickly and didn't find a troubleshooting section, guess you'll have to call Ridgid or return it for another one.