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Overseas Purchase 18V Combo Kit

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  • Overseas Purchase 18V Combo Kit

    Hello all, I am a builder in Australia, and was going to purchase the Taiwanese made 4 piece combo kit from HD.

    But reading from your problems with the drills wabbling chucks, burning motors out I think I will give it a miss.

    I have always used German Metabo , Japanese Hitachi, and have never had any problems with the tools after heavy and sometimes abusive use.

    The Ridgid tools look fantastic and at a much better price in comparison to anything is Australia. But I feel the US is too far away to chance getting a drill that will burn out, or wobble like a jello, and according to other posts they have had multiple replacements etc.

    In my 15 years in the Building trade I have not burnt out a Metabo or Hitachi currently I am using a Bosch cordless Hammer Pro series ( swiss made) and is fantastic but lacks the staying power 2.0ah batteries.

    Dam Shame as they look like good tools


    [ 01-29-2004, 05:35 PM: Message edited by: Aussie Builder ]

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    Check out Milwaukee, they make the best cordless tools found anywhere. 18v are 2.4 amp hr.


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      If you have read my posts then I think you've made the right decision. Since they did not honor my 20% off discount on another brand I will shop elsewhere for big ticket items.
      Wish I was there, probably warm weather.
      Luck to all,


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        Thanks for the input guys, and yes it is nice here today, just woke up and it is 27C - 80.6F, Ahhh another lovely day at the beach



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          Let me just point out that some of the people that are here bashing Ridgid could very possibly be "sockpuppets" from other brands.

          I have the Ridgid 4 tool combo set and am very happy. I've pushed them pretty hard.

          I also have the 12V compact drill and am happy with it.

          I've had Hitachi, Milwaukee, old Ryobi(when they were decent), and Makita, and I haven't seen anything from my Ridgids that would make me think they were any less quality.