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Ridgid Planer sticking

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  • Ridgid Planer sticking

    I'm having trouble with my 13" planer "sticking". It will not feed boards through smoothly. I have to push or pull boards through and the finish is horrible. I have only run about 50lf of wood through this thing. Suggestions? Thanks!

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    morris----my advice is simple---if you're having this problem with only 50 lf of wood----if you're still within the return period, exchange it for a different unit. With the exception of a few minor issues, I've never seen anyone post a problem like yours. I'd push to return it, because getting it repaired through Ridgid has led to many nightmares posted here.

    One caviot----carefully read your manual and make sure there isn't some packing material or a shipping lock pin, etc. that you were supposed to remove----


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      Morris, i have spent many a week in Boulder for training (work for IBM). Since it is as cold there as it is here this time of year, are you working in an unheated environment? My delta did the same thing when it was cold out and the rollers got hard. I found an improvement by using paste wax on the bed plate and keeping the infeed roll clean with alcohol


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        I waxed it today and wiped the rollers down good. That seems to have been the problem as I ran a board through a few times and it did well.