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!!!HOT!!! R83001 14.4V Drill ?

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  • !!!HOT!!! R83001 14.4V Drill ?

    Hi all
    This is my first post on the Ridgid forum.

    I have just bought a new Ridgid R83001 14.4 volt drill.
    The first time that I tested it on a piece of hardwood, by drilling a dozen, 3/8 inch hole's about 1 inch deep, the motor houseing on the drill got pretty HOT!!! is this normal for a cordless tool???.

    Update. 5 August 2004.

    I decided that no cordless power tool should be getting that hot, I returned it to The Home Depot, and swapped it for one of the new Dewalt 12v XRP drills with a 1/2 inch chuck.( $2 less than the Ridgid)

    The new Dewalt drill seem's to be a real COOL TOOL, and I am pleased that I got "RID" of the RIDGID
    Dewalt are offering a FREE BATTERY, A three year warranty. A Free one year service on the drill, and a two year service on the battery, if you buy one of their cordless power tools, this seem's to be a very good deal to me!, so I think that I will stick with Dewalt for a while.

    Thanks All....Grayskin....

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