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Jointer fence alignment problem

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  • Jointer fence alignment problem

    I'm in the process of assembling/adjusting my new ridgid jointer (orange)and am having problems getting the fence to stay adjusted at 90 degrees. I'll dial it in exactly, move the fence to 45 and 135 then back to 90. I measure the fence again w/ a square and its off. Tried to get it right for 30 minutes. Finally, I gave up.

    Am I doing something wrong? Or is this just the downside of a $400 jointer?

    Any insight would be welcome.

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    My delta does the same thing, it more a function of how heavey the fence is. I always keep the square handy. Even if you think it is perfectly 90 it likely is not especially if you try gluing up 2" thick stock. One trick I use is to layout the pieces that I am going to joint in the final assembly order then mark the front face and sequence of each board. Joint all the boards with their back to the fence, now rip them to width plus about a 1/16th", now clean up the saw marks but this time with the front face against the fence. even if you are out by a whole degree you will have no gaps on glueup because the two angles will always add to exactly 180


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      There is a trick to setting the fence stop, and getting a consistant 90 degrees. The fence slides, and is held in place with a friction clamp. When setting the stop, put the fence in the middle of the cutter head. Tighten the friction clamp just enough so it won't move while adjusting the stop (very light finger). Get it to 90 degrees. Tighten the miter adjustment so the fence won't change angles. Check the angle. Adjust the stop as needed. Tighten down the friction clamp and check the angle. Loosen the friction clamp and adjust 1/4 turn as needed, repeat until it's dialed in.

      Now, when you move the fence accross the cutter head, or changing miters, make sure there is no debri between the stop bold and fence. Set the fence to the stop and tighten. Then tighten the friction clamp for the fence movement.

      Tightening the friction clamp on fence movement before the miter is angle is secured changes the angle at which the fence rides on the table. When you change miter angles, alway loosen the friction clamp before resetting to 90 degrees, or it will be off. Friction clamp is first loosened, last tightened at any fence miter angle changes.

      This may change from brand to brand, or unit to unit within brands. But this is what I found to work for a consistant 90 stop on my Ridgid Jointer.
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        Thanks for the advice. I'll keep working on it until I get it right. I figured I'd ask rather than keep struggling.

        Thanks again!!