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MS1290LZ VS DW708

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  • MS1290LZ VS DW708

    Has anyone used both of these saws?
    I just bought the Dewalt for 20% off at Lowes, but the Ridgid looks really good.
    I'm trying to justify the extra $100 I'd have to spend for the full price Ridgid. I know that it comes with a clamp, the dust port would hook up to my vac, and I wouldn't have to worry about hitting the fence. However, I couldn't care less about the laser, so it really comes down to performance.
    Please advise!

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    Let's put it this way----I bought a DeWalt 4 years ago, and it's been a great marriage---haven't even needed to "look" at another saw.

    If you got 20% off the DW---just consider yourself lucky and don't even think about Ridgid----fine---if they had a sale---I might look, but I've yet to run into a dissatisfied DW saw owner and at least one report on this forum of smoking Ridgid motors.


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      My vote goes toward the DW, and that’s at the same price, at a $100 cheaper it’s a no brainer. On a side note concerning dust collection on MS’s, I have a PC and with a shop-vac hooked up I capture 80% max saw dust, does the dust collection work effectively on any Miter Saw?



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        I haven't seen the very latest Dewalt and Ridgid, but based on the older ones I have used, I like the Ridgid. On the grey Ridgid you could bypass the stop at 90 and tilt a couple degrees to the right. The Dewalt could not. Also the startup and stoping torque was practically nil on the Ridgid (no jumping up or down when you hit the trigger). the Dewalt was rather pronounced.

        That is based on using them both on 2 complete trim jobs. My personal saws are 10" Milwaukee and 12" Delta laser.


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          Thanks for the input!
          I will put the Dewalt to use today!