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14.4 & 12 volt Drills Rank High

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  • 14.4 & 12 volt Drills Rank High

    I think there has been a lot of false reporting on this web site. I’m not an advocate of Ridgid but this forum should be informational and truthful. A lot of NEGATIVE feedback that is unwarranted and I believe is from competitors in the market place. This is not my commentary and is taken from professional trade articles on the Internet. I thought they should be shared with the forum. The following is verifiable, and I have left links would be happy to see member comment.

    According to Consumer Reports, May 2004 rankings of cordless drills Ridgid performed exceptional. 12 volt ranked #1, model R82001. (Ranked in order DeWalt, Makita, Craftsman, Skil). Not all 12 volts in the market were tested.

    14.4 volt drills ranked #2, model R83015 behind Panasonic among all the major competitors. (Ranked in order Bosch, DeWalt, ranked #5 Ridgid R83001, Porter Cable, Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Ryobi, Craftsman).

    ***18 volt drills were not tested.
    I would have put the URL here but you have to subscribe to Consumer Reports. I would have violated their copyright for lifting the information. Look for yourself in your local library.


    Workbench magazine “R5010 heavy-duty 1/2" VSR hammer/pulse
    drill earned the praise of Workbench magazine, who recently recognized the drill in its annual
    list of the Top 10 Innovative Tools of the year.”

    Summary from the author “These sliding compound miter saws are all exemplary for individual reasons: The DeWalt is tough, accurate, and dependable. The Makita is soft-starting and lightweight. Hitachi's soft-starting, quiet motor is excellent. For my sites, though, the innovatively detailed Ridgid and Bosch rise above. I really like Ridgid's laser light, stable stance, and great price. But the Bosch comes in first: Its upfront controls are great, while comfort, stability, and excellent extra features make it unbeatable.”

    Summary from the author “Ridgid comes in second for different reasons. If I had to go to a job and set up a table saw on the second floor, I'd pick this model. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, which is critical for mobility. The stand comes standard with a rolling base. This saw also has a good fence.”

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    Nice rankings...not a big supporter of Magazine rankings for two reasons. first some magazines give better reviews to the people that buy advertising. Second most reviews are done by sending out the product to be tested and most test last 1-2 months and the tester gets to keep the tool free....if you just recieved a free tool how well are you going to like it and most tools you should use for at least a year before you give it a true ranking. Look at Ridgid's cordless tools first....when they first came out everyone that bought one..loved it...and that goes with any tool but now as time has passed some people either to their own fault or Ridgid's no longer like the tool...Their review may have changed. In addition some people like no matter what they will rank everything high...I prefer to talk with people that have used it and in turn get their opinion on the tool. But that is just me


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      I agree with you Bo_Hamrick.
      Everytime I see reviews in mags I read them but it holds no water to me for the exact same reasons you mentioned.

      You nailed it bud!
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