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New WD1850 Vac ... anyone have one ??

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  • New WD1850 Vac ... anyone have one ??

    This new 16 Gal. vac (and the 14 Gal. WD1450) appears to be a fresh new design.

    Just wondering if any of you have one or know of any reviews on them.

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    Oh come on ... no one has one of these yet ??

    How about RIDGID employees ... any of you have comments on this vac ??

    The info on the web site does not tell me much, and went to look at one at HD and they are up on this shelf where you can't really check them out !! It was almost closing time, otherwise I'd have had someone take it down so I could get a better look.


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      I have it and can't say enough about it. It is one of the best tools I have!! Though a little bulky, I have used it countless times and has been great every time. I am 100% glad I bought this model. I kinda like the way it is like a cart.
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        We have been using WD1850 for over a month at a jobsite. It's quieter than older models and so far so good. I bought it since I saw the 3 stage filter system. It turns out that you have to use filter cartridge + bag so it's 2 stage filter. I don't know about the other stage though. Suction is also good and not as much dust comes out as the older models though it's not completely dustless.
        One of our old WD1200 motor just died. I am thinking of getting another WD1850 for that site.

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          wonder how heavy it is.. havent seen one yet.