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Router table insert for tbale saw

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  • Router table insert for tbale saw

    Anyone know of a router table insert for the Rigid table saw. There are several on the market that replace one side or the other for Jet, Delta, Dewalt ... I'd like to find on for my Rigid. Thx!

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    You might consider the MuleCab M-2 Router Pro 27

    Or the BenchDog ProMAx cast Iron router table wing replacement (for over $300, ouch!) if money is no object.
    There are a host of others, including many you can build from kits or from scratch. A number of people have posted links to their solutions, do a search on your topic "Router table inserts" and you will get numerous hits here on the Ridgid forum with input from users of various makes of tables.

    I have the MuleCab table with the Freud SH-5 fence system mounted on my TS3650 attached to the right side wing (not in place of). Its nicely between the rails and works well. As others have posted their concerns about the additional weight added to the TS rails which is something they were not designed to support I have been looking for a solution. In the mean time I use a portable stand such as the Ridgid Flip-Top stand to support the outside edge of the router table when running heavier pieces through, and I remove my router motor leaving the base attached to the drop-in insert to reduce the weight hanging on the rails when not needed. Leaving the mounting plate with the base attached keeps the opening closed up for the most part so you won't have to worry about dropping stuff down there and that the alignment of the router will remain the same from one use to the next.

    Here is one member's solution, a nicely constructed home made table and some supports.

    I like his solution to supporting the table, no legs coming down to the floor to get into the way of your feet. While in HD the other day I saw something that might work in place of the aluminum square stock and channel that he used, it is a security bar meant for use on sliding patio doors. It has an adjustable telescoping bar that looks like it might be easily adapted to supporting the router table insert. I decided to buy one (they are $~`12.00 each) and experiment with it. I'll post here after a few days use how well this works.

    Another option might be to buy MuleCab's TS extension table for $89, then buy or make your own acrylic drop-in insert for your router similar to Mulecab's or other make router tables and fit that into their TS extension table. you'd need to work out a fence system, but this way you get a big table surface for your router and your TS.

    I emailed them asking if the legset shown above was available seperately and they said yes for $29 + shipping and taxes as applicable.

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