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Problems with 12inch Miter Saw

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  • Problems with 12inch Miter Saw

    Hey Guys,
    I purchased a Rigids top of the line 12 inch miter saw with laser, etc., an $600 saw several months ago. I've only been using the saw for my own light woodworking projects and for the compounding cuts on the LVL's building my own personal residence. About a month and a half ago, I was using the saw in 20 degree weather and the handle cracked when I went to saw through an LVL. I just went ahead and ordered a new handle and installed it. Two while picking the saw up using both of the handles provided, I had the cast iron assembly that holds the main bearings which allow the sawy to pivot up and down cracked in half. Am I loosing my mind or am I just the unlucky recipient of shoddy build quality on this saw?

    Finally would you think the latest incident would be a warrantly claim?

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    your just unlucky.I have one and have had on trouble.I use it every day.


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      Did read the entire problem and yes I would thinck they would cover that.sorry about the spelling ,that would be no trouble


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        The first MS1290LZ I got had an alignment problem with the slide action. I exchanged it for another one and this seconde one seems to be fine.

        I would guess that kind of damage would be covered under their warranty…?