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Ridgid/Craftsman Table saw motor mount

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  • Ridgid/Craftsman Table saw motor mount

    I have a 28yr. old Craftsman table saw that i've been doing some rehab work on and since most of the parts are interchangeable between the two I've bought some Ridgid parts off E-Bay. The motor mount I bought (not the one that clamps to the motor) came with a coil spring in the package. It looks as if it might fit between the moveable part of the mount and the part with the two rods that attach to the saw. Do any of the 3650's or earlier versions have such a spring installed? TIA

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    Yes they do. It is item #7 on page 10 of the TS-3650 parts manual (aka "Ridgid 10" TS-3650 Repair Sheet"), and it is mounted between the plates as you describe just above the hing pin.


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      Thanks old Craftsman didn't come with a spring but the mounts are identical.