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  • Roller stand for Planer

    I posted this in "General Woodworking" first but see that it needs to be here. I have a Rigid Table Saw and a Planer. The table saw has a "Hurcules" lift base so that it can be rolled around easily, but the planer doesn't. Does anyone know if Rigid make a rolling base for the planer and where I might get one, I live in S.E. Oklahoma.

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    tombstone, youcan buy and adjustable herculift caster system at HD its just like the one on your table saw except it adjusts.
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      I have a Hercules Plus on my TP1300 thickness old Craftsman ts and on my new TS3650. worth every penny if you have a small shop!


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        Somebody on this forum made a great mobile
        stand for the jointer. It may have been Woody, I am not sure. Search for it. It looked better than anyting I think you can buy.


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          Sorry I was thinking jointer.


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            I made a mobile base for my planer as well. (sorry no photo's yet).

            Basically a piece of plywood 3/4" thick with a 3/4" x 1" high band around it to hold the legs in place. And 4, 1-1/2" swivel casters. Since the planer is self feeding, it requires no wheel lock to keep it moving during use.

            Total cost was some pieces from the scrap pile and $5 for the casters. Ridgid Gray paint was on hand from a previous project.
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              I bought the $19.99 special from Harbor Freight.

              Harbor Freight Mobile Base

              If you use the link on the left side to order from printed catalog and use the part number of 41915 2 VGA it is on sale for $25.99 right now.

              I think OKC has a store that will match the price if you print it out.

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                Did you miss my post that the Herc-U-Lift-Plus has measurements for the planer too? "It's in the manual"