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  • R5010 Hammer Drill Questions


    I recently purchased an R5010 hammer drill, and am pleased with its performance. What does not please me is the lack of information in the instruction manual. The biggest concerns I have relate to:

    Speed and Torque Dials
    There are two dials on the top of the drill, one for speed and one for torque. The manual mentions where they are, but does not give any indication on how best to use them. Other than the Pulse setting – which is very nice – the rest is Greek to me. When should I use a higher or lower torque setting? When should I set the speed at "B" as opposed to "F"? I love having extra features, but it would be nice if I knew how to employ them. I asked the salesman at Home Depot, but the best he could tell me was to experiment with different settings and see what works for me. What I am looking for are any rules of thumb on how to set speed and / or torque for drilling in various materials with this monster.

    Automatic Safety Clutch
    The promotional material lists an Automatic Safety Clutch, which "helps protect operator against sudden kickback if the bit accidentally jams." The manual does not mention this feature at all. As an experiment, I jammed a bit at low speed, and the motor immediately shut off. Nice. Unfortunately, as I was hammer-drilling my way through my garage floor this evening, the bit jammed unexpectedly. The drill twisted until my knuckles stopped it by crunching against the wall. Bloody knuckles and bloody wall; not so nice. The motor continued to try turning, while making an angry "RRRRRRRRR" sound. I had the transmission knob on the side of the drill set to "1," (low speed) the speed dial on the top of the drill set to "G" (highest speed so I would be turning the bit at 1,000 rpm – which my bit specified), the torque setting set to "+," and the trigger locked on. Is this a defect in my drill, or did I somehow disable the safety clutch?

    As anyone who has read this far can clearly see, I am not a professional tool guy. If you have any ideas at all on these issues, they are probably better than mine and I would love to read them.

    Thank you