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  • table belt sander

    have major problems with belt tracking on my oscillating belt sander, my local home depot says tough luck any suggestions?

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    If it has been less than 30 days since the purchase date, they have to take it back, or replace it.
    If it's over 30 days, you'll have to take it to a service center for Ridgid if you can not make adjustments per the manual.
    I'm not sure the Ridgid phone technical service is still available. Worth a try though.
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      Take it back and get another. I just picked mine up yesterday and it works great.

      It did take a little patience to get it to track but I was just making too big of adjustments.

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        When I first started mine the belt flew down the spindles and almost got into the plastic internal edges. It took several attempts of repositioning the belt, turning the adjustment knob to compensate for the tracking, starting the unit and checking the tracking, repeat.

        After about three times the tracking was close enough that I was able to leave the unit running while I fine-tuned the tracking.

        Been using it a lot since then with NO problems except for some jamming of the spindle shaft on the belt sander spindle when switching back to the belt sander.

        Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.