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Feed problem with new planer

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  • Feed problem with new planer

    We bought the TP1300LS thickness planer from our local HD about a week ago & have been using it to plane the existing redwood boards on our deck. However, after planing only 6 boards, it is no longer feeding the wood. My wife & I are having to push/pull the boards through the planer, otherwise they don't move at all & appear completely stuck.
    The manual says to check the infeed & outfeed rollers for debris but doesn't say how to access them.
    It also says to clean the blades & rollers with a gum & pitch remover but doesn't say what kind/brand. Do you think Goo Gone or Goof Off would be OK?
    Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated!!

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    I could blab on and on about how to accomplish these tasks, but they have been written about all over this board.

    Do a search on this board for TP1300 or Cleaning Rollers and read through them. IF you run into a problem finding the info, post a nother question here and I will make sure to get you the info.


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      Adam - I just wipe my rollers periodically with rubbing or isopropyl alcohol and it's never failed to offer some improvement.

      Also, be sure to wax the tables well...

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        Originally posted by AdamK: have been using it to plane the existing redwood boards on our deck.
        Did you clean the boards before planing? Dirt will dull the blades and imbed in the rollers in no time and cause the feed problem you are describing.
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