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  • Charging question

    I just purchased my first Ridgid cordless tool, R82001 12V Drill, and the manual reads "When the batteries are fully charged, unplug your charger from power supply and remove the battery pack."

    But the "LED Function of Charger" table on the next page shows that when the red led is OFF and the green led is ON, "Fast charging is complete. Charger maintains charge mode."

    So which is it? Must I keep an eye on the charger to immediately remove the battery when "batteries become fully charged" or can I safely leave the battery in the charger, say overnight, for convience?

    I ask becasue with the Ryobi(?) cordless I bought for the wife last Christmas, I just left the battery in the charger until I got around to removing it and the battery did not last 6 months before it quit taking a charge.

    Thanks for any input!

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    It only takes 20 minutes to charge the battery, so I charge it at a convenient time when I can follow the instructions. When the green light comes on, the charger is in a "trickle" mode, and though charging at a very low rate, it has been my experience with any NiCad, that a long period in this state will simply cook the battery until it is no longer useful. What constitutes a "long" period? Well, I doubt that overnight will do ultimate damage, but I don't know the accumalative effects and whether it will lead to premature failure.

    From my experience with other NiCads, I'm more concerned with this 20-minute rapid charge, which probably stresses the battery more. It's certainly great for the convenience, but NiCads don't take well to rapid charging. I know that tool manufacturers need to balance best charging practices with what the customer wants, hence "Rapid Charging" is a must. I'm just glad I've got the "lifetime" service agreement, so we shall see how long these last.


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      I would not worry about leaving them on the charger overnight at all, that is the beauty of a smart charger, in fact the manuals I have from other manufactures suggest periodically doing just that to condition the batteries to maximum charge.



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        does your charger have a small fan built into it? i have the 18volt charger and it DOES have a fan, and the fan is off when no batteries are in the charger, but if i charge a battery and leave it in the charger, the fan stays running. this bothers me bacause i dont want the fan to wear out too soon. so i leave the charger plugged in, but remove the batteries when complete so as to shut off the fan. it would be cool if RIDGID engineers could set the fan to go off after charging is complete.

        HEY! What does this button do?