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Im thinking about getting the 3 piece combo kit

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  • Im thinking about getting the 3 piece combo kit

    It is 18V

    Has anyone had any problems with this?

    Also, does the hammer drill have like a switch to switch the hammer functon off so I can use it as a regular drill?

    Also, I might get the 4 piece kit, is there anything better or worse about it? How long do the batteries last on these products? (As in like 15 minutes worth of drilling, etc)


    EDIT* Oh yea, does the circ. saw have a laser on it in the 3/4 piece combo kit?


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    If you do a search you will find many positive and some negative experiences with the 18V kit. My experiences are all positive. As in all battery tools, battery life depends on what you are doing but I find the life to be as good as any other and these charge in 20 min.
    The hammer does switch off.
    I would definetly go for the 4 piece kit with the deal that is on now. For $120 more than the 3 piece you get a sawsall and a jigsaw.
    No laser, just a gimmick anyway IMO, if you cant follow a chalk line a laser wont help you


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      HOme Depot has the Ridgid Combo Kits for 20% off right now. The 3 piece kit is like $230 and the 4 piece is about 360.
      There are no lasers on any of the cordless tools. Lasers are just a gimmick on Circular Saw and Jigsaws (m in agreement with wbrooks). It's a great kit. I have the 4 and 3 piece conbos and am very happy with them.
      The contractor bag that comes with the kits suck. The 3 piece just barely fits all the tools and the bag is the exact same one that comes with the 4 piece kit.


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        Originally posted by wbrooks:
        ..............No laser, just a gimmick anyway IMO, if you cant follow a chalk line a laser wont help you
        Aint that the truth.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          Wait, the 4 piece comes with a drill, circ. saw, and recip. saw and the light... doesnt it?

          Also is the recip. saw powerfull? I have a 69' camaro im restoring, and it would be nice to be able to use it to cut the metal up.

          Thanks again.


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            well atleast youll have three batteries for that recip saw.


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              Yes it comes with those as well as a good jigsaw. The recip saw is very powerful but as pointed out it likes batteries. With 3 batteries there is no chance you will have to wait for a battery to charge


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                How long would the battery last on it?

                I mean, if it can only go like 5 minutes, it is worthless.


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                  It's not 5 min, never really timed it but I have used it for wood demo and deck building and to hack off the occasional steel bolt. It depends on what you cut and the blade you use. If you use a good blade and cut continuously under moderate load I would say about 20 to 30 min to drain a battery


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                    Ok, how long do the batteries last on the circ. and drill?

                    Also, when i checked the home depot website, the 4 piece set didnt show any jigsaws or anything, how can i be sure mine will come with one?


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                      Check the main power tool page for ridgid

                      ridgid power tool page

                      Good life on those tools as well. I cut all the wood for a 6 X 10 loft on a single charge. Cut 40' of 5/4 decking to trim out a 16 X 12 deck. Cut a bunch of 2 X 8 hemlock, did all the cuts for a 20 X 24 cottage style roof on 2 batteries in 110* heat. I was impressed with the life (dont hit a nail with the blade that comes with it, sheared half the teeth of that why I needed 2 batteries i think). Drill as good as any others I have played with and more torque than the dewalt


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                        im going to get the 3 pc. kit, because i cant afford the 4 pc/.


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                          I have the 4 piece kit and love it. well worth the money. no problems with batteries yet either and mine is used everyday in my job