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  • rotary tool & drill

    Hey, i got a couple questions, i was wundering y rigid dosent make some sort of 18v cordless rotary tool, dewalt makes 1 but i own rigid stuff and have batery packs and a charger so it would work nicely together, its kinda a payne to have to by tools frome meny diferent companeys, id like to just buy them all frome 1.
    And i got a new 18v rigid cordless drill with a 3/8 inch chuck for christmass, i was wundering if rigid sells a 1/2 inch chuck i can put on it if i wanted to.
    the other thing is the cluch on it, it rotates all the way frome the lowest setting up to the drill setting, but not on to the drill setting, it stops 1 indicator befor it, and wont turn any farther, was just wundering if its normal and thats realyy the stoping point, of i got 1 that was all buggerd up.