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    I am in need of an oscillating spindle sander and thought the Ridgid with the Spindle/Belt would be perfect for my needs. Trouble is NONE of the 5 Home Depot stores in my area stock the sleeves for the spindles. I emailed customer service about this and the only reply (a week later) was to go to the customer service desk and special order the sleeves. I own a BS1400, TS2400, WL1200, and TP1300 along with several of the new handheld corded and cordless Ridgid tools, but I cannot buy something that basic supplies have to be special ordered for. Any Ideas?
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    Here are a couple of websites to check out. Buying paper from a big box store is a waste of money. In many instances, you can get two, three or more times as much paper for the same money as you can at the boxes. I usually try and anticipate my paper needs in advance and try to buy about a years worth at one time.

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      There is a few vendors on Ebay that offer good deals on the sanding sleeves. This guy apparently services Ridgid tools-Check it out...he even has a bunch of spare parts for the sander and other Ridgid Tools: Ebay Seller
      It sucks you can't just picl them up at HD. They have had this problem for years when it comes to stocking refill and accessories...They are just out for a quicjk buck with the high dollar items.