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P2500 PSA Pad - Sandpaper Sticks

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  • P2500 PSA Pad - Sandpaper Sticks

    Self adhesive sandpaper is very difficult to remove from the PSA pad on my R2500 orbital sander, even when left on for only a short while. Anyone know if Rigid is coming out with an improved pad? Any suggestions for removal other than to take it off when the sandpaper is still warm?

    My Porter Cable 330 sander does not have this problem. The sandpaper comes right off, even after aggressive sanding.

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    A fairly easy way to remove PSA paper is to take a hand held hair dryer and heat up the paper a bit. Works great for removing sandpaper and also for removing those UPC stickers that most retailers seem to put on everything.

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      As you mentioned, I always remove the paper while it is still warm... but, I too have found it a bit too sticky, and prefer the hook & loop for that reason. I'll have to try Badger Dave's solution, especially for all those other label problems.

      Thanks Dave, appreciate the good advice,