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    Is it possible to charge my power tool batteries with an inverter in my truck? If so is there a special kind of inverter required?

    [ 08-09-2004, 08:42 PM: Message edited by: virtualplumber ]

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    Most small tool chargers designed to run on utility power (60 Hz 110VAC) will not work well, and may be destroyed, but using the MSW-type inverters you are referring to.


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      RGad is correct about the cheep inverters. Hower the mid range ones work fine. I have a 1000W Xantrex modified sine wave (not true sine wave - large $$)and has worked fine for 2 years. The cost of my unit was about $500 CDN


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        I do not know what "cheap" may be but I paid $26 at Sam,s club for a modifed sine wave inverter(400 watt cont.) that runs many brands of chargers and also my laptop. I have no problems. I think the newer types have better designs.

        I also have a dual battery f-350 and a Expedition which have large output systems,in both, the inverter seems to run better with the engine running.

        With a small car it might be a problem.