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  • Boice Crane Table Saw Motor Help...

    This is my first post here so I'll extend a thanks in advance for any and all help. The issue:
    I bought a very old Boice Crane combination table saw/jointer a while back and wanted to set it up to run. The motor was originally wired to run 220(and ran well according to the owner) but I wanted to convert it to run 110 (It's a dual voltage motor). A diagram illustrated how the motor leads were supposed to be connected which I did. When I fired it up the first time it ran backwards. Again, using the diagram, I tried to reverse the number 5 and 6 leads. Here is where it starts. Only 4 out of 6 leads still have number tags (1,2,4,6). When I tried to start the motor after switching leads, it would not turn and hummed. i shut it down after 1 to 2 seconds and figured that my 50/50 chance of grabbing the number 5 lead was Murphyed so I switched the other unmarked lead. This time when I applied power the motor spun in the correct direction, however, after approximately 5 seconds, the new start capacitor smoked and popped. (blew oil out too!) A few questions:
    1) How can I correctly identify the number 3 and 5 leads?
    2) Are there other reasons that the capacitor gave up the ghost and how could I check for those?
    3) Any other things that could cause this?

    Thanks Again.....