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TS3650 Rip Scale & Fence Guide Placement

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  • TS3650 Rip Scale & Fence Guide Placement

    I just bought a reconditioned TS3650 and have set it up. Both the 36" and the 12" inch rip scale were not attached to the fence guide. They are in the parts kits and have a peel off sticky backing.

    I don't know how far from the right end of fence guide the 36" tape should be and, thus, how far left or right I should shift the guide.

    Para 6, page 31 of the users' manual "Installing Front Rip Fence Guide Bar" states "The front guide bar must be aligned left to right at this time. Align the 7-1/8 inch mark on the right rip scale with the right edge of the cast iron table top."

    Can anyone help me properly apply the rip scale and align both the front and rear fence guards in relation to the table?


    Bill Dillon

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    I guess what I'd do is go ahead and mount the rail system to the saw first. Once mounted, you will have some R to L play with the rails. Next, I'd mount the 36" tape then adjust the front rail so that the 7-1/8" mark is at the RH edge of the saw top. As far as the 12" tape is concerned, the 1½" mark on the tape should aligned to the RH edge of the miter slot.
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      Thanks. Because this was my first time setting up a table saw, I was concerned about getting the proper reference points.

      After a good night's sleep, I went back to it today.

      Because RIDGID its would rip 36" on the right side, I merely put a yard stick on the table and positioned the fence at the 36" point. That way, I knew exactly where to slide the rip scale in place to line it up with the indicator line in the viewer. Same for the other side.


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        The stick on tape only has to be close. Then you can go back and adjust the indicators on the right and left side of the fence to the exact spot.

        The way I do it is set the fence to cut some specific size, say 2". Rip a piece of lumber at least 18" long, and see if you get 2". If it's a little big, move your indicator in the direction away from the blade until it reads approximately what you actually measured. If it's too small, move the other way. Then try again at say, 1.5". And so on.