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Portable Power Drive Mn 700

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  • Portable Power Drive Mn 700

    I have a broken plastic part on the push button switch on the 700. The unit I have was repaired in Guam and parts were left out and the switch was installed through a hole drilled in the handle (Cat# 97255) (Rn 51). The switch button (cat# 97260) (Rn 24) a plastic molded unit is held in place by a role pin that holds a broken Y shaped plastic piece that reaches through to the electrical (center off) bat switch. The switch was originally mounted in a housing (Cat# 43390) (Rn 46) switch insulator. The blow up PDF page 69 0f the 700 document displays an earlier model that dose not have the plastic Y so I have no number for it. I need the correct switch insulator and the plastic Y for my 700 ser no 1003218. The switch insulator for the 700 I have would be shorter because of the plastic Y in the handle connecting to the switch from the switch button. Can I get the parts I need?

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    The number you have for the insulator is correct. this y shaped thing you are talking about is a mysyery to me. i fix on average about 3 a week. the red switch button slides through the handle housing and makes contac with the toggle switch which is mounted in the switch insulator,unless your modle is a euorope modle you should have no problems.