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    I have a 12v x-2 drill, which I really like. I would like to get the new right angle impact driver, but it does not use the x-2 battery. Can these batteries be interchanged? I'm sure this question been answered numerous times before in this forum, but I cannot find it.

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    Yes, both batteries will work in the tools. The only difference between the x-2 and the regular battery is that it is a higher capacity.


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      I believe that the x-2 designation refers to the better class of cordless drills that Ridgid offers. Those drills include the Max-HC batteries and the dual port charger. The right angle impact drill in fact comes with one Max-HC battery and a single bay charger. It seems that many contributers refer to the Max-HC battery as an X-2 which is just a matter of semantics I guess. So in a sense when and if you buy the right angle impact driver you will in essence be receiving an "x-2" battery anyway. The only non-Max-HC batteries that Ridgid seems to offer is on their regular cordless (non-x2) drills.


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        Spoke a little to quickly. The right angle impact drill does come with a regular battery and not the "X-2" Max-HC battery. Sorry.