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Planer Question - dented S/S slide plate

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  • Planer Question - dented S/S slide plate

    I recently purchased a 1300 Ridgid Planer, in general very happy with it, paid $329 - 10% including stand and spare set of blades.

    However I noticed that the stainless steel slide plate on which the wood passes under the blades and rollers has a slight dent in it which was not there when I first set it up. Is this a cause for concern and what would have caused it to happen. I have never taken of more than 1/16th per pass and never had a plank jam or not feed?

    I have photo's that can be forwarded to anyone responding if that would help solve the issue.
    Thanks<br /><br />Michael G

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    My Planer has developed the same problem. I have no idea how it happened, but plan on replacing the slide as soon as I begin to notice surface variations on my work pieces.

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      I had a similar problem that occured when I had ran some aromatic cedar through that had knots. It basically beat the crap out of that plate. I think it only cost ~$15 to replace if i can remember correctly.

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