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  • Fence Rails & Extention Wings

    Can the TS 3650 have 7 foot rails attached and if so what type? Also can you buy cast iron extention wings for TS 3650? If I can repalce to rails to 7 feet I would like to enclose the open space with cast iron extentions.

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    First, one of the features people like about the 3650 and it's predicessors is the Hercu-Lift. With an extension, you'd either have to figure out some retractable legs (and how to move it without it tipping over) or deep six the Hercu-Lift and start over with another mobile base.

    If you used cast iron----well, you'd REALLY have a weight/balance problem.

    Depending on the design of the existing cast iron top, you should be able to use most after market rails and fence. You'll just have to do some research to find the mounting details.

    I'd recommend against a cast iron extension though. Even professional shops I vist use a laminent covered plywood or MDF extension table. It will be just as flat, have a smooth surface and a lot less weight and alignment agrivation. Good luck.