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  • 12"scms

    Hello there,
    I am in the state of buying a scms. I'm looking at the DEwalt right now, however, tempted to explore to rigid tool since it has bigger base and easy reading scale dimesion. Does anyone has experience with this tool?

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    Hi, I have the 12" Ridgid CSMS and here is what I have found.

    The two complaints I see the most are #1 the laser is to the left of the cut #2 the workpiece clamp is tapered and tends to lean as you tighten it. The laser is pretty much worthless for you have to "learn" how far to space the line from the cut mark. The clamp tends to get on my nerves because as it "leans" it tends to push the stock forward.

    I would say, this CSMS is very attractive looking but needs some work.


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      I heard people like the Bosch the most so far. I kind of don't like the Dewalt anymore because it kind of flexy when I try to move the handle side way, ... I will go check out the Bosch.


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        I recently purchased the 12" Slide and and disappointed with the misleading advertising of the 'exactline laser'. It should be called the '2mm off-the-mark laser'! I approached the Home Depot store where I purchased the saw and their tool professional said that he gets weekly complaints about the laser system not being on the mark. Ryobi uses the same laser so I am sure that they experience the same problems. I love the saw, but I thought that Ridgid should give something back for the misleading adverts. I want to buy the stand for the saw, but 300.00$ cdn is a lot of money. 100.00$ off would be nice. Unfortunately, home depot can't authorize that discount without speaking to the Ridgid Rep. The clock is ticking and I still have 10 weeks to take the saw back for a full refund if I am not satisfied. Can someone from Ridgid get back to me on this? Thank you!


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          Read the manual(I know it's a guy thing). Mark your workpiece, with the head in the upright position line up the dotted line with the line on your workpiece. When you lower the head the line becomes solid and shifts(because the laser shoots out of the arbor) don't move your workpiece. Also, if your still stuck give the tech support people a call and they can walk you through the steps. I've had no problem with mine, works like a charm once you get it.Tech support line 1-800-525-2579. Hope this helps you out.