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TS3650 and dado

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  • TS3650 and dado

    I just bought a Freud SD608 and it's the best dado I have ever seen. It's a little pricey at $210 but worth every penny. My problem is the arbor on my TS3650 saw isn't long enough to use all the chippers. The max cut is 29/32" but I can't get more than 9/16" because of the short arbor. Is there any way to extend the arbor on this saw?

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    Please see my response under Tips and Techniques.

    I hate to sound like a geeky hall monitor or worse, but it really isn't necessary to post the same question in more than one forum. Now excuse me while I go make sure no one is smoking in the boys room. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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      Even though it may be a little nit picky I totally agree with Lorax. Double posting of the same question is almost always unnecessary and can cause dumb posts like this one.
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        Sorry guys. I posted here because it was a specific tool question but since the forum is entitled "Portable Power Tools" lots of stationary saw users don't look here. Maybe we need a new forum name.