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How much woble in orbital sander

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  • How much woble in orbital sander

    I am new @ this. I just purchased a random orbital 5" sander. I noticed it woble a bit. Just enough for me to notice in my hand and visually. Should I be concerned about it's performance? I recently took American Woodworkers -July 2005- suggestion to buy the Ridgid R2600. I like the vacuum hose hookup. They did mention that there is variablity from sander to sander even in individual brands. It shows me how to shim the pad ,but, should I have to do this right out of the box? Should I expect some woble? Thanks for any feed back. John

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    Herr, YES they "wobble" The pad rotates and ocsilates at the same time. That is how they work without creating swirl marks on the wood. DO NOT put a lot of pressure on the sander when using. Just hold it on the surface and keep moving it around. Light pressure only, let the sander do the work
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      You will know you are putting too much pressure if you get pigtails. You should be using just enough pressure to control it, no more.


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        Clarify what you mean by "wobble". I have both the Ryobi 5" ROS (variable speed model) and the Ridgid R2600. The pads "spin" and varying speed (in addition to the vibration-like orbits), but I can't exactly say the pad "wobbles". Maybe I need to look more closely. To me, a spin means that the pad rotates around a fixed center and a "wobble" is indicative of the shaft being out of line with the center. In other words, if I put a marker against the outside edge of the pad, the spin would allow the marker to touch the sides on a 360 degree turn and a wobble would mean the marker would touch in only on spot! I believe both of my ROS units only spin.

        I'll check and repost tomorrow,


        Yes Sir! She wobbles!

        Two weeks ago, I spent a good deal of time sanding the dickens out of my deck railings and obviously only paid attention to the fine job the sander was doing and NOT exactly how it was doing it. With over a year of home use, the R2600 sander has done a great job and my perception would be to still refer to the pad action as a "spin" more so than a "wobble"; but the fact is, that if you closely observe the last few orbits after turning the unit off... it has a distinctive wobble to it. (Same with the Ryobi.)


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          I will check it out as instructed in the magazine article. You know, I am so into getting my project started that I am ignoring the rythm of the sander. I will repost when I check it out as instructed in the July 2005 of American Woodworker. Thanks for your responses. John