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    A while back I rolled the dice on a new Grizzly Jig Saw. I had heard fairly good reports on it and at $59.00 it seemed to be a good deal. The question I have is concerning drift (is that the right term?). I have to turn the saw a good 20-30 degrees off straight to follow my cut line, otherwise the saw drifts way off to one side of my marked cut. Is this normal? Or am I doing somthing wrong (I dont't think so)? Should I have stepped up to the plate and payed for a Bosch? Any input will be appreciated!

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    Good quality jig saws don't do what yours is doing. Before you junk the saw though you might want to try some different blades. If you're using the blades that came with the saw that may well be your problem. I've had very good luck using the Bosch T234 Series Progressor blades.

    If the blades turn out not to be your problem, take a look at the Freud FJ-85 jigsaw. I've been using one for a couple of years now and I'd rank it right up there with the Bosch and yes I have used both. You can usually find it for about $100-$110.
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      I've seen the ad for that grizzly jigsaw. How do you like it aside from your drift complaint?
      Are the blade changes easy or a pain in the rear.


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        As for the saws performance, it would be a solid tool if not for the drifting problem. As for using better blades, I agree that is a good idea, however after closer examination of the saw I found that I can turn or twist the properly mounted blade (and shaft) about 1/32" with my fingers. I think that is the main cause of the drifting problem. Agreed?


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          Why take in that Grizzly for another one..It should not sway as your might have one made on a Friday afternoon....your hands are worth more than $69...Use it more than 3 times a year buy the Bosch...I've made my wife happy with all the picture frames I have built for her...

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            Dana----most all jigsaws I've seen have a bit of play in the blade and chuck. The drift is simply a matter of the quality of machining of parts. I don't think there is any tool made that demonstrates the problem of buying cheap tools more than a jig saw.

            I had similar resluts with a Craftsman, which I paid even more for. Thing would vibrate and drift all over the place, plus, the blades that fit it were so cheap that they constantly broke or bent.

            While I later bought a good PC saw, with which I'm very happy, I agree with Paul V.-----look at the Boschs. Even if you don't get the Bosch, at the very least, get one that uses Bosch blades----without a doubt, the best blades on the market. I've worn out a number of them, but have yet to have one snap or bend.


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              Aside from the Bosch's, the top line DeWalt saws are excellent. I bought one a year ago and have been installing countertops with it with no problems (the plastic shoe protector cracked once but HD replaced it no questions asked).
              Grizzly products are cheapo bottom rung tools. Not that I'm knocking them. Several years ago I got a second hand 18 volt circular saw made by Grizzly (with the Panasonic battery) and it has been a wonderful tool, takes alot of abuse and still keeps on cuttin! But for a tool like a jigsaw where your cuts must be precise I'd go with either Bosch or DeWalt (both maker's top models are prices almost exactly the same, I went with DeWalt since most of my cordless tools are of the same maker and I've been nothing but IMPRESSED by my DeWalt 18 volt XRP driver drill).


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                The Grizzly saw is basically an old model bosch, made cheaper. I own the newest Milwaukee top handle saw and it is an awesome tool. In WOOD magazine's tool test it topped the bosch and all other tools except the Festool saw. It was also decently priced- somewhere around $140.00.