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18volt 3 piece combo 2nd set unsafe and horrid drill

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  • 18volt 3 piece combo 2nd set unsafe and horrid drill

    1st the flashlight and skill saw are both problem free
    The drill on the other hand (the first one varible speed first went then completely died shorting out my battery. When I tried the other completely charged battery supplied the short in the drill completely killed it as well. Home Depot being as they are kindly and quickly replaced the kit (without giving me any paperwork) The second kit within a month the variable speed has went out drilling a hole through a finished mantle piece making some nice marks down the wood I may add. This has made me tell everyone that ask not to buy rigid. The safety factor with both drills I noticed has been mentioned in earlier post. First noticed this on a boat dock drillin a joist with a 1" flat boar bit I had the drill laid saidways across a perline block drilling threw the joist to run some flex. When the bit went through the joist the drill jumped forward and the bit caught and stopped the drill. Quickly releasing the trigger did absolutely nothing. With the handle and battery resting against the perline block the drill had no room to move forward to release itself. A little smoke and a burnt smell the drill sat there maybe 15 seconds until I could get in a position to pull the drill up (bending my bit) so the handle could go in the direction it was in a bind in finally releasing the trigger (This was the first drill). Second drill Ive had this happen again and again. Working on a finished house drilling through a deck against the house this time with my hand between the battery and the house not to damage any paint on the house. When the bit caught or if I hit a nail the drill would bind up in the same way mashing my hand against they house and releasing the trigger did nothing until I pulled it from its bind. Very frustrated thought I would let people know. Im expecting to hear from rigid and I am hoping that home depot will take this set they exchanged me back with the original receipt I was givin. Im going to take the advice of an tool magazine I get and going to give bosch's brute a try.

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    I had a similar experience, so I say Unsafe, Unreliable. Two drills, each failing within 3 months of contractor use/misuse (my old brand didn't mind) ...

    skinned knuckles, broken finger(s), maybe wrist, because the torque won't release when you release the trigger.

    Loss of control, when the variable speed part of the switch fails. No more starting screws slowly to keep from putting the phillips tip through your finger.

    Ruined batteries when releasing the trigger won't shut off the drill.

    Imagine drilling through drywall for a wall anchor but not being able to turn the drill off, until all the insulation behind is all balled up on your drill bit, the drill stalls, the battery has run out, or the switch or motor burned up.

    Otherwise, I liked the drill alot, but I can't have these kinds of safety/reliabilty issues.


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      What are the model numbers on these drills? I bought the 4 piece 18 volt kit in Nov.