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    I recently bought a 4 piece 18 v combo pack I used the drill 2 times and the chuck started stripping off my quick connects and my extensions so I called home depot and they said to take it to the service center. I took it to service and they called ridgid and was told that the distribution center did not have the part and did not know how long it would be to get the part plus they told the service center if he ordered the part and did not end up repairing my drill that there were no returns on the part and it is $63 and some change. So it was suggested to me from service plus an employee at home depot to take the pack back to Home Depot and get my money back cause that is not very good service. Plus they had had serveral come back for this problem. I thought this was a good tool, I do a little contract work and was very excited about the warranty but, if i cannot get the parts plus, I ruined $15.00 worth of quick connects it is not worth it. One other thing I was told by service and Home Depot after the fact of buying is that the power pack is really made for home use and not at all for contractors because the gears were not made of steel like makita and dewalt???
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    Mine is doing the same thing. But it maybe that I'm not setting the insert inline with the jaws right. Seems after I have to retighten it once it doesn't do it again.

    Anyone have one that is not doing this?


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      did you get the life time warranty on the 4 pak and if so even with the limited warranty they should still fix or replace if for free you would think. My friend just bought the 4 pak more for the warranty than anything else but if they dont back it thats a bad deal


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        Go to HD and return the item for a replacement. Get ready for a fight, but do not give up. I do not think that HD could refuse to honor the guarantee. I had a problem with them, but they came around to my way of thinking. Let us know how it goes.
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          I bought the 4pc kit about 2 months ago, I love the drill, no problems at all. BUT on my 3rd use of the sawzall, the output shaft broke off right below the chuck. I will let everyone know how my warranty experience goes.

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            I ended up taking my Ridgid back the guy at HD sayed they were having more than he expected coming back for the chuck problem plus he said there are a few electric problems. The guy at the service center sold me a Makita combo for $350 dallors it just has a 1 year warranty but my last Makita drill, which I still own is working fine so I think the year will be just fine plus he threw in a extra battery [img]smile.gif[/img] i am not trying to knock Ridgid i just think people should know the facts before getting ripped for $500


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              Well, got the royal runaround from Ridgid and their service centers, but ended up taking it back to HD and they exchanged it. SO all in all, not to pleased with ridgid, but HD actually came through. My cousins both work for Ridgid in Alyria OH, and are coming for thanksgiving dinner. Will try to get the poop from them.

              Some people\'s lack of a sense of humor ruins life for the rest of us.