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  • Sander???

    Has anyone else had problems with the Ridgid 5" obital sander? I am on my third one in less than a year.

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    What kind of problems are you having. I have both the Ryobi 5" and the Ridgid 5" and both have worked flawlessly. I'm not in the trades, so I'm sure it doesn't get the workout that many will give it. However, I've built a half dozen book cases, re-finished an walnut chair and coffee table, completely refinished (sanding every inch) an 18 x 25 ft deck that is 18 years old, used it to remove paint and refinish a 12 x 20 ft porch, and even a few ceiling and wall plaster descrepensies around this old house. Not a problem so far, and I've been very happy with both tools.



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      I have A Ridgid 5". Three of them (so far) have just quit working. The latest on, last week, I took apaart to try and figure it out. I have voltage to the switch and to the brushes but the motor would not work. This last one was real hard to get exchanged (lost reciept) but after deal ing with the store manager finally got it exchanged. It is real disappointing to have to keep messing aroung with this. After this on going with dewalts new model. I am not bagging on ridgid tools, I have almot everyone they make but their warranty program and custmer satification sucks. Been fighting with customer service since march on a miter saw.


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        I bot one and the variable speed did not work. Went back to HD and had the tool crib guy try another off the shelf before I would take it, same problem.
        I ended up with the 6" ROS and I am happy the 5" had a problem, the 6 is a great sander.
        The 6" is made by Metabo, the 5" is made TTI(ryobi), that should tell you the whole story.


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          Three in a row?? Geez, I thought I was the only one.

          I do cabinetry work as a side hobby/business, but I still don't think I put them through that much abuse. First one lasted about 2 months, the second one went about 5 months, so when it quit, all Home Depot could only send me to the repair shop.

          Thinking that lighthing can't strike 3 times and in dire need of a sander to finish a job before Thanksgiving, I just bought another one and figured I'd get the second one repaired as a backup. The third one just died this afternoon. That one was only about 2 weeks and less than 10 hours on it.

          When I talked to the repair guy, he did mention that he has seen a sudden increase in this kind of problem lately. He says the motor brushes get stuck and eventually lose contact with the armature.

          I really like the sander, but I can't keep having this. A 3 year warranty doesn't help me get a project done on a Friday night.

          Any factory rep that wants to change my mind from going back to DeWalt, I'm all ears.